To Start, Take a Step

You know when you’re up at 2am watching Only Seen on TV infomercials and someone pitches the idea you’ve been telling all your buddies you were going to create, but never saw the creation through? “They stole my idea!”, you say. You’re nodding aren’t you?

That’s how it goes, right? You have a great idea, you think about the effort it takes to put the idea into motion, and you stop. Well, this blog post, and the Well Rounded community, was created because I decided to take one…more…step. And, drink lots and lots of coffee!

My point is, I was looking for a group of like-minded women whose sole purpose was to help each other grow. Growth being whatever that meant to them; no judgment. In my high-in-the-sky vision, this group would connect on a deeper level. They would support one another, bounce ideas around, give great insightful book recommendations, maybe I could offer to watch their child while they went to the gym. Ya get where I’m going with this? There are of course, conferences for women, but nothing that would sustain energy and enthusiasm over a longer period of time.

So, instead of wasting time searching for a group; I created one. The birth of Well Rounded: A Women’s Guide to Living an Intentional Life. Wordy, hu? But, it’s the truth! It embodies what this community is about. It’s about the whole person; mind, body, spirit. Living intentionally. We’re focusing on the whole being. We’re focusing on moving through the world with awareness; spreading joy and love. When we heal ourselves we can serve others; and step into living the life we were meant to live. If we get that part right, everything else will follow. The Universe will support us in our efforts if we let it guide us by taking the next right step.

I’m so grateful for the journey that’s been laid out for me over the last 5 weeks. I’ve met some amazing women who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. All because I started. I started a Meet Up group that I didn’t think anyone would RSVP to. I went to the first meeting that I didn’t think anyone would show up for. I taught a class I didn’t think anyone would gain value from. I chose faith over fear. And, here we are; growing together.

I took several next right steps that lead me to create this blog. You know how I knew I needed to start? I asked the Universe if it was time and the Universe sent me a beautiful gift. A feather on my walk to get my morning coffee. Translated: This is a message from my Angels. Validating that I’m exactly where I need to be. That they will be there when I take my next step. Faith over fear. So… let’s go. What more did I need to start?IMG_20170802_092946

My hope is, if you’re reading this, the Universe has guided you to our group; and you’ve found your tribe. We welcome you right where you are!

I have a wonderful teacher in Gabby Bernstein. If you don’t know who she is I’m putting several of her books at the bottom of this blog; they all are amazing. Pick one that you’re drawn to and start there. In the next 4 weeks I will be level 1 certified as a Gabby Bernstein Spirit Junkie. Loosely, I’ve been given the tools needed to serve more women. To shine my light brightly, and to help you shine yours. I’m blessed to be on this journey. Here we go!!

-Sat Nam


By Gabrielle Bernstein May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith

Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles